Hania El Helweh

President of the  first instance monetarist, commercial and civil status chamber in the north of Lebanon.

She was the ministry of justice focal point for justice for children and worked with UNICEF to elaborate the Lebanese workplan for children signed in 2017.

Judge Helweh did a training in cyber security studies at the marshall center in Garmisch-partenkirchen , Germany in 2014 and 2015 and participated in many conferences concerning this subject especially with UNODC and was a speaker in Octopus Conference 2018 in Strasbourg on a panel about capacity building in cybercrime.

She holds a master degree in criminal law from the Lebanese university and wrote her essay about cyber criminality.

She is the ministry of justice focal point in cybersecurity .Therefore she in a member of the parliamentary sub-committee that discusses project law n 9341/2012 related to e-transactions, cybercrime and personal data protection ,a member of the governmental anti money laundering committee ,a member in the Lebanese IGF committee and the Lebanese point of contact for cybersouth project funded by EU and the council of Europe. 

She also participated in the parliamentary  committee of defense that elaborated the new civil law project n 2478/2009 concerning succession.

She is a member of the Lebanese food safety committee, and of the committee assigned for the elaboration of the one-stop-shop project related to the commercial register under the patronage of the Lebanese government.

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