Mirna Barbar

She is currently Programme Management Officer in the Information and Communication Technology Policies Section at ESCWA Division, where she is supervising and undertaking analytical research and carrying out analytical studies in the areas of ICT for development, Internet governance, Digital Economy, Smart societies and governments and other subjects related to emergent technologies and particularly their contribution to building a knowledge-based economy In the Arab region. She also contributes substantively to the organization of ESCWA meetings and regional conferences on ICT strategies and policies for sustainable development. Since 2013, Dr. Barbar has been appointed to lead the ESCWA Academy of ICT essentials for Government Leaders in the Arab Region. She has also contributed to the launch of the Arab Internet Governance Forum in 2012, and served as Vice-Chair of the Organizational Committee and the Chief Operating Officer of the Forum in 2014 and is currently coordinating the activities of the Internet Governance Team at ESCWA.

Previously she worked as advisor to the minister and expert in the Ministry of Social Affairs, where she launched a comprehensive program for business process re-engineering and automation, and she was in charge of developing and implementing an ICT master plan that included automation projects for a number of administrative and social departments. She has also lectured at the Lebanese University for more than 10 years and holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Paris -8 and a master’s degree in Business Administration. She has several articles and scientific research published in international journals in the fields of information technology.

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