Workshop submission guidelines and criteria (7 sessions)

You can either fill the form and submit it or download the application Workshop proposal and send it by email to:, no later than September18, 2022.

  • Workshop Guidelines for submission and

    Criteria for selection

  • LMAG members may not themselves submit workshop proposals, but their institutions may do so.
  • The subject matter of the workshop proposal must be of direct relevance to Internet Governance.
  • Description: The proposal should provide a concise description of the Internet Governance issue that your session will explore, including how this issue relates to Internet governance broadly, as well as to the main themes of LIGF 2022 and an outline for the session, including a description of the intended agenda for the session, and the issues that will be discussed.
  • Proposal must be complete and ready for consideration, with all fields of the proposal submission form completed.
  • Interventions/Theory of engagement: Describe how you plan to facilitate discussion amongst speakers, audience members, and online participants, including how your intended session format will be used to its optimum.
  • Video explaining your session: In less than one minute, share a YouTube link explaining what you are suggesting to do in your session (this is optional).
  • Every proposed session should have at least 3 provisionally confirmed speakers. A provisionally confirmed speaker is defined as “a speaker who has been contacted, and expressed interest and intent to participate”.
  • Please attach Bio or link to LinkedIn account of the organizer and speakers.
  • The purpose of the rapporteur is to observe the session and synthesize the discussion into a report.
  • The four major criteria in the evaluation process will centre around Relevance, Content, Diversity, and Format of each proposal. Proposers are strongly advised to pay particular attention to ensuring gender and stakeholder diversity within their organizing teams, as well as among their listed speakers, as these will be reviewed against diversity criteria, which is a key measure. Proposers are further advised that they should have a minimum of three speakers listed and to limit their number of speakers to five wherever possible, in particular when selecting a panel format, so as to ensure space in their session for participant engagement.
  • Returning proposers are requested to attach a report on their session of last year.
  • Announcement of accepted Workshops on October 3, 2022.

Workshop Proposal Details

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