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Lebanon IGF is a national Internet Governance Forum (IGF) initiative devoted to open, inclusive and transparent dialogue on internet governance issues among all stakeholders in Lebanon.

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Why Lebanon Internet Governance Forum

Easily debate Internet issues

The IGF conferences proved their utility as global discussion platforms in terms of bringing all stakeholders around the same issue in a bottom up and open process. It is equally important to debate Internet issues at the national level with the participation of government, private sector, civil society, academia and technical community. There is a need to create an open multi-stakeholder platform in Lebanon to discuss the economic and social impact of the Internet and its governance mechanism.

Lebanon is considered a suitable environment for freedom and governance of internet due to a vibrant private sector ICT companies, civil society actors, and Internet experts. Such platform would foster national multistakeholder dialogue and collaboration with the global Internet community on public policy for the Internet.

What We Do


Many different stakeholder groups in Lebanon have been active in their own fields of expertise but there has been a lack of inter stakeholder collaboration and an absence of a bottom up process. Lebanon IGF intends to learn from best practices of the global IGF. 

Lebanon IGF will encourage all state actors to actively participate in the process. When selecting panels for the program agenda, the LMAG will adopt a participatory approach that includes multi-stakeholders participation from civil society, academia, private and public sectors. The LMAG will also ensure gender balance and generation balance.


  1. Engage the community in discussing Internet Governance issues.
  2. Facilitate a multistakeholder dialogue between different bodies dealing with the internet to share expertise, best practices and to identify common grounds.
  3. Highlight the importance of the internet in reaching the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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